Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm back!

After way too long, I'm back to blogging again, I hope I do better than my start. I was slow on my start, oh well.
We went on vacation the first part of December and it was wonderful. We were on a cruise, I'll post some picture later. It was warm and fun and I got to spend my 32nd birthday in Miami, FL. So that was fun as well.
We got back and we jumped right back into church work and farm end of the year.
Seed purchased, check. (and I'll be getting a great pullover from the seed dealer!)
chickens fed, check.
Christmas eve bulletin cover ordered. che....Oops. i had to make my own because I forgot about them and didn't realize it until I was running the bulletin off. ON CHRISTMAS EVE!
We are back home with the two dogs and one cat. All cozy.
Our house is decorated to the nines for Christmas. I'll have to get pictures up of that too.
Today Dustin and my dad are finishing installing my dishwasher. (Tonight, I get to load it and not do them by hand! whoohoo)
The newest fun is a new 4wheeler we bought right before Christmas. (bonus, I can deduct it) It will also be easier to check crops next year. I am going to get a cart for it and it will make my upcoming summer landscaping and gardening projects easier.
The house is making me happy. We keep getting little projects done and it looks better and better.
My parents gave us $ for Christmas and we put it toward a new couch. No more futon! Our livingroom is losing that dormroom feeling it was getting. Our niece is getting her first place and she is happily taking the futon.
Church was wonderful this year. I ended up throwing some of it together at the last minute (surprise, surprise) but it all went well and felt like Christmas.
We moved from service to service. I had 5 and 7, and Dustin played at 10:PM at the church in town.
More later