Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Sunday! Great! Hole in my roof! Not so great!

So, my last Sunday was super. I cried a lot, but so did everyone else. It was a great day. I'm pretty sure it won't be real until next Sunday when I don't have to lead worship, but I'm excited too. I have yet to decide if I will go to church or enjoy a very guilty pleasure of not going to church because it's been a long time. We'll see.

Now, on to the hole in my roof. Dustin and my dad and our friend Tyler are putting a dormer in our attic. It will be great. It's the first step in the remodel before we have a kid list. We have to get the dormer on before the weather turns bad. AAAHHHH!
It's dark outside and they are still working, putting on half the roof. Crazy. Wish us luck. I'm scared.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Last Sermon! for now.

I am trying to write my last sermon as pastor of my churches. I am struggling and haven't gotten far at all. I decided to choose my own lessons, I just didn't want to use the lectionary and try to make it "fit." I picked my scripture to hopefully provide encouragment as part of my sermon.
It's hard to believe that Sunday is my last day. I have packed up my office, just need to have Dustin come over an load it up. There are three boxes left to pack, but that will take a matter of minutes.
Yesterday was my last confirmation class and I am going to miss those kids a lot, but I'll see them at there games and the like.
It's weird because I'm not moving, so I'll still be around a lot of the school activities. We'll get use to it.
I'm so exited for next Monday. The first day of my farm days. I can't wait. So, I guess there is always joy and sorrow, gain and loss, doors open and others close. That is the nature of life. I have made my choice and I'm happy with it, but it meant leaving some good things behind as well as some bad.
I can't wait to see where I'll be in a year from now. I wonder

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Emotional Train Wreck

I am moody, moody, moody today. I don't know why. I've cried 3 times. If asked what is wrong, my answer is the compelling..."I don't know." "I don't know" is such a profound answer.
It could be hormones, it could be that I am wrapping up my last days at my call. Whatever is going on, I am just weepy.
I came home from my in-law's and now I am working on my final confirmation class. I think I might miss teaching confirmation. I love these kids.
Up, down, Up down. There's the day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Canning Tomatoes!

My mom and dad came today and my mom helped me can some tomatoes from my garden. I am so excited about it. She taught me to use a pressure canner. It cuts down the time quite a bit. Canning tomatoes in hot water bath takes 50 minutes. With the pressure canner, I can do it in 25 minutes of processing time. I have to watch a bit closer, but it is great.
Tomorrow is my second to the last Sunday at church. I am amazed and terrified by this prospect. I can't believe it has finally come, but it is a wonderful feeling.
I know I have made the right decision as the time has approached and I am feel an incredible sense of peace. I don't know what is next, but I know everything will be okay.
Good night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Afternoon Break

Even though I don't feel like I've started anything to break from right now.
I am trying to get motivated to work on my sermon for Sunday. I was going to go to a volleyball game tonight, but I'm exhausted, so I am leaning toward staying home tonight. We'll see.
My morning sickness is getting much better. It's been 4 days since I've felt really sick, so that is exciting. For me anyway.
I should get back to work. Thrilling.

Sorry for the delay.

My internet has been down at home people and when I am at work I have been too busy to post.
I'll get in the swing eventually.
But...I have news to share. I have been waiting for the appropriate time.
I'm due March 27.
I can't believe it.
I'm past 12 weeks, so I'm starting to share.
dustin and I are absolutely beside ourselves with excitement.
Monday, I had my first big appointment and everything seems to be going well. i didn't get to hear the heartbeat yet. She says that is pretty common to not hear it this early.
She says it's fun when you do, but nothing to worry about when you do.
We are having some birth issues to figure out, but I'll share that another day.
Morning sickness is starting to go away.
Time to go home. I have to make supper for the family tonight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I may have to change the name back!

My husband finds my change of blog name...boring...Fine.
I'm not sure if I will change it back or not. If he added to this blog once in awhile, I may have more compassion for his want of changing the name back, but he doesn't.
So...I'll leave it for awhile.
His point, I'm still a pastor. technically I will still be a pastor for several more years. I'm still rostered, just not in call.
I just wonder sometimes what this will do for things like, my theological reflection. I don't think I turn that off, I never had before, but I am curious to see what my new outlet will be for my thoughts.
I've never really put those thoughts here. I've always put them into my sermons and education components. Interesting.
I may need to find an outlet.
As my last Sunday approaches, I am getting more and more excited. My big excitement is October 5. I look forward to going to church with Dustin and sitting in a pew and not doing anything. How can it get any better than that? It's something that Dustin and I have only done two times, I think.
I am at the office right now, waiting for a meeting at 7:00. It is freezing in here, but I don't think it is worth changing the heat for such little time. I'm not even sure if the furnace has had its check yet.
I am looking at my office right now and wondering how I am going to get everything packed up. There are so many books and keepsakes. I'll get there eventually, I just hope it is sooner rather than later. I'm getting boxes from Jamestown tomorrow, so that can get me started on a second load.
Well, I think I will make some popcorn so I can eat before my meeting.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dustin is Home!

And it is AWESOME! We are both thrilled to be in the same place again. It's my day off, but Dustin had to come to town for ambulance call, so I came into town too. Just to have people around is good, even though they are all doing other things. I've spent a lot of alone time and it is nice to not be alone for awhile.
I'm fairly introverted by nature, but even I have my limits. I'm camped in a recliner with TV and internet and I'm working on worship planning.
I know it is my day off, but since I am leaving, there are lots of things to get done and I have another day I would like instead this week, so that's my prerogative.
It is a good day.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dustin Delayed!

Dustin will not be home until tomorrow. Oh well. They had another break down and didn't get to leave TX as soon as they planned.
I was at Red Willow Bible Camp this weekend. We had our quilt auction this weekend. I spent just short of $400. I got some great stuff. Three quilts and a bench (long story on the bench). When Dustin gets home with my camera I'll have to take pictures and post the fun stuff.
The quilt I wanted went way past my price range. $600. And another one I wanted was great, but went for about $750-900. In the end, I decided to buy more stuff for less money, but I got a lot of great stuff. It's a good cause.
I finished my sermon tonight and should probably give it a look in the morning, just in case. Knowing that these are the last days at my church is a little surreal.
Rumor has it that the strike team will get back, get their stuff washed and then get sent to the coast with another activation. Dustin is hoping to figure out how to talk to his boss and get him to let him change out. I have my last weeks at church and a doctor's appointment that he wants to be here for. He just wants to be home and we think we should be together for these big life changes. We'll see what happens. Wish us luck and pray for the hurricanes to slow down.
Good night all

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dustin's coming home! Dustin's Coming Home!

Good news. The strike team leaves TX tomorrow by noon and make their way back. Tonight they are staying in a nice hotel with a bar and real showers. Dustin said he's taking two. One tonight and one in the morning, even though he'll be clean.
YAY. They are coming home. Dustin will be home by Saturday night.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dustin is still gone.

Dustin had to leave last Thursday for TX. His strike team was activated for emergency response to the hurricane. They evacuated hospitals before Gustav and now are waiting in TX for further instructions. The will most likely be sent to Louisiana tomorrow, he said. FEMA wants to keep them down south until Hanna and Ike arrive or until they know what is going on with the hurricane and tropical storm.
I miss him like crazy. It has been hard to face my last month without his support. My mom and dad came to visit so they could be in church with me on the Sunday after my resignation announcement. It has been hard.
Dustin won't be gone very long in the grand scheme of things. I can't imagine if he was part of the National Guard and would be deployed. This is definitely hard enough.
We're lucky that we are in between crops right now, but there's still in between stuff to do. I have to order a new sickle for the flex head and check on some sunflower contracts. It's a little crazy to do all this on top of trying to get things together to leave my job, but I guess life isn't always calm. It might get there some day.
I doubt it.