Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God Bless My Neti Pot

You may find my title odd, but truthfully, this is the best thing that ever happened to this girl and her sinuses. I'm through with my antibiotics for the sinus infection, but I still am struggling with congestion and so I have upped my use of the neti.
During the round of sinus infections at our house, Dustin and I and Ian with his ear infection. Dustin's doc recommended 4 times a day with the neti pot and 2 times a day when you are healthy.
I was doing two. Morning and night, but I do believe that I will up the number to at least three until this is all cleared up. I just want to breath again.

We pulled of Christmas, including a blizzard! We were safe and snug in our house, my mom and dad stranded in with us. No one could make it Christmas day, so the four of us feasted and froze a huge portion of an 18 lb turkey.
I brined it and roasted it in wine, apples and vegetables and it turned out perfect! It must of. My mom said it would be nice if it was a bit dryer. Huh?
Dustin pointed out that my mom doesn't like to be out done, so if this is all she had to come up with, well, enjoy the triumph. I think I will.

Ian had fun playing in the paper. He actually enjoyed his new wagon. If he got fussy all weekend, we'd put him in the wagon and roll him to wherever we were at and he'd play in there for like an hour. It was fabulous.
And, even with all this comfort and joy. It is the neti pot that has brought me the greatest relief.

I'm drinking lots of water. I cut down on the tea today. I have been drinking a lot of that too. Today, I skipped it. The water tastes so good. I may go get a skinny french vanilla steamer at the coffee shop across the street in a little bit.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. May you all be illness free, but if you aren't...get yourself a netipot. It has made the difference.

Monday, December 21, 2009

T'was tjhe week of Christmas!

And all through the house, not a thing is ready, not even the couch.
I was sick all last week. Dustin is this week. We are hosting Christmas and I have no idea how we will pull it off, but somehow I know we will.
I am at work today catching up from my absense last week. Happily, I don't have tons to do. Why? I don't preach this week! HAHAHA!

We have a messy house, home improvements that must be improved upon. good news. Dustin has wrapped just about all the gifts.

I should be able to get the letter out tomorrow.

We'll get there. I feel like the little engine that might could.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8

So, we got a call about Ian getting his helmet today. When. Tomorrow. So I have to miss work to go to Bismarck for the helmet fitting. I have decided to make it worth Ian's wild. He'll get his picture taken with Santa Claus, I'm sure he'll be thrilled!
so, not going to report much right now. Just going to say, Help, I need to get my annual report done today!

Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7

So, I'm not capable of blogging every day. Life goes on. I'm still doing better than normal.
The livingroom is still a mess, but we did get most of the painting done and some things put back so we can live again. The new wall colors are fabulous! More fall, rustic tones. I think our house is starting to really feel comfortable. I will have more mudding to do. I have decided to try to fill the lines in the old paneling that we didn't remove. It shouldn't take too long or too much sanding...I hope.
I have to get a Christmas letter written and pictures done very soon. We're getting very behind. Wait, that would mean we need to take the picture! It's on the list.
For work it is the week of reports. I need January calendar report, annual meeting report, and council report done by Wed. Deadline for the first two is Friday, but I wont' be here. So, I'm hoping to hammer one more out before I go home in 45 minutes. I have no idea what to say for the council this month. I'll figure it out, I always do.
Well, I better get back to it for the last 45 minutes.
later all

Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4

I home again today. What fun. We bought seed this morning. We did the order anyway. I've touched up the drywall for hopefully the last time. Now I'm trying to find the paint roller so I can start the part of the room that I didn't have to drywall.
Ian is napping.
I also caught a mouse. Not with a trap, but underneath a tupperware container. More details later.

December 3.

Note, wrote the following yesterday, but it wouldn't post. grrrrr. So, does that mean I didn't make it or that I was defeated by technology?
Anyway.. Here's what I wrote yesterday at 11:00 p.m.

Greetings. I love being home today. Well, I haven't been home a lot and the morning sucked, but it was still good to be home. I did bookwork most of the morning. Dustin cleaned house. Ian was a doll and played on the floor and in his exersaucer.

We had our tax appointment at 3:00 p.m. That's why I did the bookwork. Our appointment went well and then we ran errands. The great fun of the evening. We decided to bring supper home, so we called my inlaws and our neighbor CG and they came over for supper and we had the best time. CG was gone on a trip, so it was so nice to have her back again. 

good night.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2

I am having a hard time today. I have a sinus infection, yuck. Worse, my friend K lost her job today. They were making cutbacks. I'll talk to her later. I wish there was something I could do besides be there, but being there will have to do for now. My guess is if she finds a new job it will be far away. That makes me sad.

On a happy note. Congratulations to C and M and the kids on the purchase of their new house. It was a long road, but we got there. Yippee!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day One Mitzvah

Took the Wednesday morning bible study and confirmation lesson for the week since there will be a funeral this week.


I need a little motivation, so I believe that I will post for National Blog Posting Month. (NaBloPoMo) Maybe if I have a goal I will get on more. I believe that I may fail due to the business of December, but I will go forward with confidence, as of right now.
According to the website, the theme for December is Mitzvah and it comes with a challenge: to give something, to someone, every day of the month, and then blog about it. The goal is to act with kindness, obviously -- Your gifts can be as large as volunteering or donating to charity, or as small as a kind word to someone who needs it.

It's early, so I really haven't had a mitzvah sort of day yet. Unless you count telling my husband I love him after a text message fight. We'll see if I can do better tomorrow.