Friday, April 20, 2012

Picture Post

This is the cake I made for Ian's birthday party. I'm pretty proud of it! Obviously! I've shared it with so many people becauswe I'm so excited. It is the Octonauts, which is on Disney Jr. and Ian loves them and asked for an Octonaut cake for his birthday.  I delievered. It took quite a bit of time. I made the cakes on Friday, and put them together and carved them and crumb coated them with buttercream. I then made my modeling chocolate. (I did all this with Ian and Ella around, which I don't recommend and will never do again, it was chaos) Saturday, after kids were dropped at Grandma and Grandpa's in Jamestown (Have I mentioned how cool it is to have my parents 17 miles away!?) Starting at about 1:00 and going solid until 6:30, I put the cake together and then transported (well, Dustin transported) to my In-laws so Ian wouldn't see it.
So, in addition to the cake. We moved the party to the shop because of rain, which was the best and allowed for Ian and Ella to play on the new swingset, which was made for Ian's birthday. It was the best day! Good friends and family, good food, and great kids! What a wonderful time we had, but I'm still partial to the cake being the highlight!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Boy is 3!

Yesterday, my dear son, Ian, turned 3. Now, don't think I'm terrible, but we haven't told him it was his birthday yet. His party isn't until Sunday (when all the friends and family could come during the day) and so he just wouldn't understand that he's three, but not celebrating yet.
But, I know, and I'm amazed at my little man. For some time now, I have realized that he is a little boy intstead of a baby boy. He's also developing the defiance and limit testing that this stage and age bring.
I am amazed at how much he now knows. He really is a quite bright little boy and I don't think I'm just saying that, I'm not the only one that notices. Although, there are a few sayings that he says that I have to laugh at...It sounds so funny. They are:
1) "This won't do mommy."    What? Really. This won't do? Where do you come up with this? If I figure out what show he has picked this up from, I will report, but so far, it seems to be from somewhere else, possibly me? No, I don't think I talk like that, do I?

2) "Oh Mommy, this just makes me so upset." This is what he says when he is not getting his way. I admit, the attempt to make me feel sorry for him is a bit lost because of the delivery of this line. It cracks me up, which is not the desired effect.  But, sometimes it does break my heart. Sometimes, he says this when his dad goes out to the field in the morning or when grandma visits and then has to leave. He says, "I miss him/her...this just makes me so upset."  Then, I melt.

3) "I don't think so, Mommy." This may be the statement that gets children beaten in some households. Not this one, so don't worry, but when you tell your three year old to pick up his toys and you get a defiant..."I don't think so, Mommy." You will definitely try to figure out if he knows what he is saying or wondering how your three year old became the home of a 16 year old's attitude.

So, while these are the ones that make me laugh, there are others that make me glow and shine with pride.
1) "I like you mommy." Recently he has gotten big on saying this instead of "I love you." I actually take it in a wonderful way. I always love him, but on some days...I don't particularily love my toddler. But, on the days that he says, he likes me. I realize that some day, this is what I want my teenage and then adult children to be able to say about me..."I don't just love Mom, I like her"

2) "Can we read another book?"  I am thrilled that my son likes to be read to and knows so many of his letters by sight and knows their sounds. I'm thinking he will start reading early and I'm so proud of this.

and last, but not least.

3) "Mommy? Can you hold me?" Independence has brought less of this, but I still get to hear some version of this once in awhile and I cherish it every time.

So, these are my current thoughts on my eldest. He's growing up so fast (I know, everyone says that). He will be able to start preschool next year. How did that happen? 

So, hopefully, you will get party updates on Monday, or so. At least a picture of the chocolate Octonaut cake that I'm going to attempt and the swing set. The swingset is turning into a ridiculously large thing...It's more of a castle for kids with a slide and swings and a sandbox, but I'm sure they will love it. Dustin and Ben designed it themselves and because the lumberyard was out of 10 footers, they had to buy 12 footers, so instead of everything scaled at 5 or 10 feet, it became scaleds at 6 and 12, which made a huge, crazy difference.   I can't wait to see his face.

So, happy birthday Ian, Mommy loves you! and Mommy likes you a lot too!