Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few Moments to Write, A Few Moments to Myself

I'll be completely honest, I have my children in front of a DVR'ed "Word World" (Which Ian thinks is one of the best shows ever and since it doesn't drive me nuts, I agree)
I just got home and needed to relax a bit and since I haven't told anyone that I'm alive via blog since May 5th, I figure I should.
There are posts that I have started and need to finish and edit, but those aren't in my mind right now. It has been a long couple weeks, and a long month in general. It has been raining, which during seeding makes a farmer downright scared. It was such a wet winter and spring never seemed to come. Now it is the middle of may and we only have a little over 70 acres of corn in and need to get 130 more in over the next couple days. It won't take long to get it in, but the ground must be dry enough to get it there. I run the planter we use for corn, so I haven't had a lot of time in the field, unfortunately. I don't mind the job, it's kinda relaxing and time to myself as long as everything works like it is supposed to.
The kids went to my mom and dad's for a week so we could keep seeding, the weather just didn't cooperate. So, when we got rained out again on Friday, we headed up north and stayed for the weekend. It was a good weekend, relaxing with MOm and Dad. Ended a little tense at my home church and a rather uncomfortable vote, which seems to be dragging some things on, but also causing so much pain. I see a church tearing itself apart and it made it hard. On the flip side, their interim is a fabulous preacher! A very uplifiting sermon for me to hear, so that was a blessing.
Today was wet from the inch of rain over the weekend, so I worked in town at a funeral for the funeral home. Ran errands after, dogfood (check), milk (check), ring into the jeweler (check). I came home and found good and not so good news. Our gravel roads are awful, so moving our new house in is not going to happen in the next week as we hoped. It's too wet to even get the septic tank delivered. 
The good news. Because of a standstill on fieldwork, I got to use the hired man to help me mow. (Thank you CG!) 
It's good to be home with the kids. I'm hoping to just cuddle up with them for the evening and when they go to bed, hopefully take a shower and work on packing.
But, it was nice to have a couple minutes to just decompress.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So long since I posted, and so many blogs to write!

I apologize for the mack of blogging lately. I haven't had the time I've wanted. I've got quite a few posts started, but they aren't ready yet, but I will try to finish one in the next days and post it.
So much has happened, so I have things to write about, but I haven't had the usual amount of time to write. Ian's 2nd Birthday. Ella's first Easter dress.  Our dishwasher breaking...AGAIN! The wet and cold spring has made it impossible to get in the fields, so that creates a new level of anxiety. Synod assembly is coming, and while I have to go, I also realize that I will be thinking about the corn that I should be planting while I'm there. And I'm trying to figure out the Yuma, (which is a portable, durable farm computer, that is supposed to help with maps, production and keeping track of it all). If I can't get the think to work with the computer at home, I'll be mad. Hopefully can call Trimble customer service today or tomorrow and get that rolling.
And the new house is not coming fast enough for me. But the dirt work will be started next Wednesday, assuming the weather stays favorable.
So, there's why I haven't written, why I've started posts, but they aren't up yet. They will come. But it seems silly to write about life right now when it is more important that I engage full in living it.
Hope to be back sooner, rather than later.