Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm back!

After way too long, I'm back to blogging again, I hope I do better than my start. I was slow on my start, oh well.
We went on vacation the first part of December and it was wonderful. We were on a cruise, I'll post some picture later. It was warm and fun and I got to spend my 32nd birthday in Miami, FL. So that was fun as well.
We got back and we jumped right back into church work and farm end of the year.
Seed purchased, check. (and I'll be getting a great pullover from the seed dealer!)
chickens fed, check.
Christmas eve bulletin cover ordered. che....Oops. i had to make my own because I forgot about them and didn't realize it until I was running the bulletin off. ON CHRISTMAS EVE!
We are back home with the two dogs and one cat. All cozy.
Our house is decorated to the nines for Christmas. I'll have to get pictures up of that too.
Today Dustin and my dad are finishing installing my dishwasher. (Tonight, I get to load it and not do them by hand! whoohoo)
The newest fun is a new 4wheeler we bought right before Christmas. (bonus, I can deduct it) It will also be easier to check crops next year. I am going to get a cart for it and it will make my upcoming summer landscaping and gardening projects easier.
The house is making me happy. We keep getting little projects done and it looks better and better.
My parents gave us $ for Christmas and we put it toward a new couch. No more futon! Our livingroom is losing that dormroom feeling it was getting. Our niece is getting her first place and she is happily taking the futon.
Church was wonderful this year. I ended up throwing some of it together at the last minute (surprise, surprise) but it all went well and felt like Christmas.
We moved from service to service. I had 5 and 7, and Dustin played at 10:PM at the church in town.
More later

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacation is coming! Whoohoo!

We leave on a cruise in 20 days! Yay! I'm so excited. Here we come Bahamas. I have now bought 2 new dresses and 2 great pairs of sandals. Shoes are my friends!
I can't wait. I need to get tons of stuff ready.
Here's the list.
hymns for Sunday's and the two wednesdays when I return
December church calendar
prepare for the wedding the day before we leave
Thanksgiving services
Christmas services
figure out what to pack
better get to it

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday is over!

Sunday is finished. I suppose there is 40 minutes left, but done for me.
Church didn't go great today. I was so off, the service was arranged a bit differently and so I kept getting flustered and backwards. Such is life, sometimes church doesn't go the way it is supposed to.

The sermon was not particularily great either, I kept getting tonguetied. I suppose content was acceptable, but delivery had a great deal to be desired. It went better the second time, but still the day remained the same.

I came home after church, ate, took a long nap, painted a wall. I'm painting one wall in the livingroom. I primed it on Saturday, painted today. Small wall, should have only needed a quart, guess what? I need another quart. It's a dark wine color, so I should have known I would need the third quart. (Obviously it is a small wall). I did the dishes that had piled up, there were only a few. Cleaned the buffet off and watched quite a bit of Iron Chef.

Tomorrow, day off, which everything I wouldn't have time during the week! Curves in the morning, grocery shop, pick up more paint, come home, paint wall, study for EMT class and work on the farm accounting. Farm accounting must be up to date by thursday. Tomorrow night should be fun, Dustin is on second call at the ambulance, so we're going to go to dinner and a movie. Friday night we are going to go to go to Bismarck and stay until Saturday. dustin has his Paramedic exam on Saturday, so I'm hoping to hang out with a college girlfriend.

Today was beautiful and sunny. In the 50's and sunny. I wanted to go for a walk, but couldn't find anything blaze orange to wear and it's hunting season now. ugh.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Pheasant Under Glass? Nope, Chicken in Aquarium or at least Chicken of the Sea

So, I've seen it all today. My wandering hens (the ones I can't get to stay in the coop, so they wander the yard), have been hiding their eggs. Usually, I hunt around their haunts and I can find them, but lately, I've come up short. Today, I was in the garage and heard and noise and there was a chicken, in a 70 gallon aquarium. Dustin was given an aquarium and until we get our attic refinished, there is no room in the house, so in the garage it sits.
The aquarium has all the stuff for the aquarium in it, so there's not a lot of room for a chicken. Great, there's a chicken stuck in the aquarium, so I thought, so I ran into the house with what I came out to the garage for and went back to the garage to see if I could fish a giant white hen out of the aquarium. As I approach the aquarium, she wiggles around and gets herself out. And don't you know it, there are 7 - 8 eggs under her. Apparently the aquarium is instead a giant, clear nesting box. So, chicken of the sea is better for me than pheasant under glass.
How does this stupid stuff happen to me?
Better get back to my sermon. (Yes, pathetically writing my sermon on a Friday night. Husband is gone for the weekend and unfortunately so are any friends I would hang out with.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hauling Corn

I have been hauling corn for the corn stove. We have a stove that burns corn and that is how we heat our house. One time a day, one of us has to go to the grain bin and carry back two 5 gallon buckets of corn. Now this has been effective, cheap heat for us, but the carrying corn stinks. Now, I sometimes can convince myself it is "bonus" exercise, but really, it's a pain. but in about 2 weeks, I will not have to haul corn once a day.
We have ordered a furnace. An ordinary furnace? No, never. A cornburning furnace. the good news, we'll only have to fill it once a month.
Today was so cold, it took my breath away. The wind goes right through you today. I am still searching for my winter coat. That was quite unfortunate today, I had a burial and it was freezing outside.
I have to say, being asked to do funerals and stuff is an incredible honor. How people share some of the most intimate feelings is a gift, I hope I never take it for granted.
I'm exhausted, I believe I will go to bed. Tomorrow I'm getting up and having lunch with dustin in town. He's staying over night at the ambulance tonight. I wonder if I will ever get use to it. He has coworkers that are away from their homes for 4-5 days at a time, I couldn't handle it. I just hate when he is gone.
I get my flu shot tomorrow, that will be good too. Stuff to get done. goodnight

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Day, A First Blog

It's a great day. Sunny. I have work to do, but sometimes you need to stop putting stuff off. I don't know if anyone besides a few friends will read this, but I've but been wanting to do this for awhile.
This is a chance to share my stories about learning to be a farmer's wife and Dustin figuring out how to be a pastor's husband. We have humorous stories about this life transition and friends and family have recommended I make sure I write them down, there seems no better place and way to share them than this, so here is the start.
For now, I have to get back to church stuff. But here's to starting and enjoying a new day and a first blog.