Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wheat Harvest...And the big question...(Can I keep from having the baby before it's over?)

We are harvesting our wheat. It has been a bit slow since the wheat hasn't gotten dry enough to harvest until later in the afternoon and has been toughening up early in the evening., humid, but also windy, so the guys are still at it. The elevator closed at 8:00, but I'm sure they would fill everything before they quit.
Our test weight is low, but our protein is really good, so we will get a premium. A lot of people are getting 12 and 13 protien, ours has been 14.7 or higher, so that is good news for the bottom line.

I've started having a few contractions, but they mostly happen at the end of the day after I have walked around and been up most of the day. By morning, baby seems to be back out of the birth canal and we do the same thing over the next night.

Last Friday at my OB appt. nothing was happening yet. But as the weekend continued, I have started to feel different. But hopefully everything will hold steady until we get wheat finished.

My legs, ankles and feet are really swollen. It use to go away when I put my feet up or at least in the morning when I woke up the swelling would be gone. never goes away and my feet and calves feel really tight. If I didn't want the wheat finished so badly I would want to go into labor right now! But, I also know that it would be a lot better if baby would hold off for another 5-7 days. I have another appt on Friday, so we'll see where we are at then.

The humidity has been horrible today. This has been a terrible summer to be pregnant, but a great summer if you are a corn plant. So, my misery is our corn's gain. We are on the way to having the best corn crop we've had in the short time we have grown corn. I know the weather has been perfect for it based on the number of days we have run the A/C this summer. We only ran it a handful of times last year and this year it has been going for days at a time.

I still have quite a bit to get finished before the baby comes and I'm trying to be okay with the realization that not everything is going to get done. She will have a cradle, clothes, food and parents and family who love her. She really shouldn't need much more...I have been wanting a good cleaning done, but there are quite a few improvement projects that it would be good to have done before I scrub the house down. Mudding, painting, sanding, sawing.

Even little projects would make me feel good at this point. If Sears would get my dishwasher working again. (It worked for a whole month this time!) I would be ecstatic. It would help my life considerably. When it works, we run it every day. I hate doing dishes and the extra standing isn't great for my feet either. Repairman comes again on Thursday. Then it will be about two weeks before he can come back and fix it with whatever part he orders. grrrrr.

The house is finally cooling down. I actually shut the air off today because it wasn't keeping up. It wasn't worth running for the house to be two degrees cooler than outside. At least by opening all the windows I got the breeze and it then became 5 degrees cooler. It's cooler outside right now, but I'm guess that will remedy itself soon.

Well, there's the news from here.

More info. to come.