Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Movie...It was all good...well, the food sucked!

Last night was girls night.
We were going to go to dinner and a movie. Let's face it, this a plan that you can't go wrong with when you are talking about a girls night. We'd have dinner at a good restaurant and then go to a movie that none of the men in our lives would be caught dead going to. (Sex In the City 2)

We went to a favorite restaurant for dinner. Cloth napkins! No children's menu! A long wine list (although two of the three of us is preggers, so the wine list is a waste on us right now.)   But the food! This place is usually fantastic. Last night, apparently not the normal chef. It was horrible. It was bland, greasy, tastless, I had a pasta dish and the pasta was overcooked. I got the best of the three plates as far as flavor, but it was far from stellar. I'm glad we ordered an appetizer because at least whoever was cooking couldn't screw up fried cheese! (We had cheese curds).

The movie was fun. The friends were even better. Next time...different restaurant.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

going better today.

Today seems better than yesterday.  It's a beautiful day today. Warm, almost hot. But beautiful. I was able to keep up a bit better. I went for a walk and ran other errands when I got sleepy this afternoon and that got me over the hump of the sleepies.

Tonight...GIRLS' NITE OUT!  I am going with the fabulous Kari and the fabulous Diane to dinner and then we are going to the Sex and the City Movie. We've all been wanting to see it. It's a perfectly fun night for all.

I'm just finishing up a few things here at work and then I'll be off for early dinner. The mom in me still knows that I'll have to get home after the movie. Go figure!  It will still be a nice break.

I am currently busy with Red Willow Bible Camp Quilt Auction. I think we have the next meeting set and now hopefully...I can get an agenda and a working list of what needs to be done put together for everyone's benefit. I want to keep meetings short and to the point.

Sears Repair Comes on Friday! I am not optimistic, I'll be honest. I really just want. Need a working dishwasher. I know there are people who do not have this luxury item. I know I can get by without one, but I have one... I have become dependent and there is nothing worse than having it sitting there...mocking me!

I think the computer is about to take a giant crap on us. I'll take Dustin's in tomorrow and find out. There's a point where if the fixing is almost as much as getting a new one...I'll get the new one.

Pastoral ministry is chugging along. I have a few things going and am trying to do a good job with them. 
I get to chant the liturgy on Sunday, which I love to do, but haven't done alot hopefully i can practice tomorrow.  I also get to do a baptism on Sunday. I'm excited.  I love baptisms.

I miss Ian today. I know I saw him this morning. I'll see him tonight. I just find myself looking at his picture a lot and thinking...I wish I was with my boy!  I think on my days home this week, we will try to do all the things he loves. (He's 1, it is not a long list!) Hopefully go outside and swing and go for a wagon ride or two. Get dirty in the garden while I try to do a little weeding. Build towers out of his megablocks and then knock them down. Watch Super Why, and Mickey's Clubhouse. I am realizing that I need to be enjoying and taking in to the best of my ability all the time I can with him before the baby gets here. Mostly because, after that...he has to share me with another little person.  We are going from two on one defense to a man to man.  It's going to be different. I'm excited. I'm nervous.

Well, I'm getting close to the end of the day...better get ready to go!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh, how tired!

I get soooooo tired in the afternoons. The days I was home, I took a nap. That made all the difference in the world.
Father's Day Weekend was great.
Family, food, fun.
I'm sad it's over. I'm sad that I'm back at work, actually. I am really looking forward to being home. I realize I whine about this a lot lately.  This and my anger with Sears and not having a dishwasher.
It ended up being beautiful outside and I'm sad that I got only a limited amount of time out there.

I played catch up at work today. I think I am doing pretty good. Getting close to having most things handled. A lot of things needed to be emailed and put into someone else's court next, so forwarded those on.

good day. Just can't wait to go home.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday! What's a girl to do? Seriously?

I am struggling a bit today with what to do with myself. I'm still not sure what to do while in limbo. I have plenty of stuff to do at home. Unfortunately...I'm not there, I'm at work.

Work is interesting right now. With my collegue's vacation last week and a new pastor coming. I'm not sure what I should be doing right now. My collegue and I have to figure out the next 6 weeks, I think. He'll be in tomorrow, so hopefully we can have lunch and I can figure out my plans for the next week.  I'm not even sure of the preaching, consequently...I have nothing really to work ahead on. We only had planned through this week.

I have hospital visits to check in on after lunch. I have a coffee to set up with a congregation member... Quilt auction stuff I need to get a jump on, but sitting in my office at this moment. I'm not sure where to go from here.

In other news.
My glucose tolerance test went without a hitch. I have switched my heartburn med and have noticed a huge difference. Zantac wasn't doing it anymore, so she recommended that I switch over to Prilosec once a day. And wow. I noticed in a day and a half what a difference it made.

We went to a reception for friends yesterday at there home. It was fun and when we got home, I weeded the garden. I got quite a bit done in a relatively short amount of time.

I haven't shared the big news about the dishwasher. Sears repair came to our house to fix it. I got exactly one load of dishes washed! Yes! You heard it here. One Load!

The pump now wont stop. The washer wont fill with water. It worked a grand total of one time. Even then, it washed the dishes, but it didn't stop, it just kept pumping out...And there was nothing left to pump. I'm wondering how many times Sears is going to come out and fix this before they realize that giving us a new washer would be cheaper than trying to fix it. We have a warranty on the washer now.

So, we shall see. I will have a working dishwasher by the time this baby comes or I will have a breakdown.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Frybread! Flowers! Sermons!

My title expresses the highlights and joys of my day.
A local restaurant had Frybread Taco's for their special today. I got one to go and I'm very excited to have just finished it. It was fantastic! They usually have them on Saturdays, but to have them on a Wednesday was a great gift.

One of the seasonal greenhouses closes on Monday, so they are discounting 25% until then. I'm hoping that I can pick a few more flowers up. For those of you that talk to me on a regular basis, you are correct, that this will be my 3rd or 4th flower trip. I just can't stop! I keep finding containers that would look so cute with things in them.

I would really like to finish my sermon today. It's my last day of work for the week until Sunday. So, if I could have it completed, I would be totally on my own for the following three days and that would be amazing.

Tomorrow I have my 1 hour glucose test as part of my OB appt. I hate this thing. It wears me out, makes me loopy and stupid, and I can't walk a straight line when I have all that sugar. I'm having a friend's 10 year old daughter out for  the day as a mommy's helper. She's great with Ian. She is use to young kids, being an excellent auntie at her young age. I don't need a babysitter, I need someone to play with him and watch him so I can get other things done. So, hopefully the rain will disappear or hold off for a bit tomorrow after my appointmnet so I can use the time wisely. I want to get my vegetable garden weeded and the flowers that I'm purchasing in those pots I mentioned.

If it rains, I still have plenty of things inside to do. So, I'm excited for the day.

I'm also hoping that I can start cultivating a future babysitter now. She's great and I think that as she gets older, she is exactly who I would be comfortable with watching my kids. So, start her young.

Well, there's the joy and excitement for my day.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going Home!! And Turning around to come back early tomorrow!

I have lead worship for Sunday morning and I think it went really well. I'm exhausted, but I'm guessing a nap is not going to be happening anytime soon.
I have a funeral tomorrow and everything is ready, except for the sermon. I've got a few notes. I'll write it in the morning. I am empty of inspiration for the day. 
I can't wait until my collegue gets back! I'm tired.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stop! I'm not ready for this.

I have to admit. Since starting interim, I have enjoyed having a collegue. Even when things are crazy, you have someone to share the burden with, someone to bounce I ideas off, someone to divide and conqueor the duties with and not lose your mind.
Example." If you are doing the funeral on Thursday morning, I'll prepare confirmation class for Wednesday." 
It works. We can't be everywhere at once, so we divide the duties as needed. Until your collegue goes on vacation. Then you are the only one to handle the barrage. I was use to this when I was a solo pastor. You make your priorities. You take things as they come. When everything starts happening at once. You get through things the best you can and you do it.
But truthfully. I'm out of solo pastor experience. I have a prayer service tomorrow. A funeral on Friday. And i'm pretty sure that I will be getting ready for another funeral over the weekend.
Now, I'm completely competent. I can handle this. It is part of the call. It's part of my job. I will be fine...But truthfully...I'm really, really missing my collegue right now. Divide and conqueor would be a really nice thing right now.'s not an option. So, I'll do what needs to be done...Then...hopefully...sleep.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

100 days!

It is 100 days until my due date! I can't believe it, can you?  It's a tough day at the farm. Rain again last night has made it so we can't seed again today. So, we got one day of seeding in and now we are stopped again.
I'm at work today. My collegue is on vacay and guess what? Less than 24 hours after he left. Someone died and now I have a funeral to prepare for Friday. Prayer service on Thursday night. Go figure. I should have seen it coming.

I'll lead bible study tomorrow. That should be fun. I like the lesson.

I'm trying to get a bit ahead in the week, just in case anything else happens.

I think I will like the staying home thing. I get more comfortable with it every day. I've been riding on the tractor with Dustin quite a bit lately and talking it out is making it a bit easier as well.  The nice part is that, I know that I don't want to do anything until at least January. That gives me a lot of time for family and time to think.

I've had a conversation with the associate to the bishop about what's next and we are leaving it very open. I'll let him know when I am ready to do anything. So, I'm feeling good about that decision.

Right now, I'm just happy that I can enjoy the time and not worry about the next thing.