Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm a Pastor! Again!

Life has changed in our household. I've gone back to work! It's a temporary, part-time, interim call.  A church near me is looking for a new Sr. Pastor and I am there until they find the person who is  called there.  I'm not acting as lead pastor, thank goodness, but I am covering some of the ministry areas that a new pastor will cover.  Primarily, visitation and some transition committees. I work with a great collegue, we've known each other since she started here, so it's fun to colaborate with someone.
The transition to working has been more difficult this time. Even though it's 30 hours a week, there is so much more to balance. It's been a challenge. So, while the job is great, the home life is having positive and negative effects.

1)Ian is going to preschool two mornings a week at the preschool in the church.
2)The kids are getting some good time with Daddy and grandparents.
3) I get some time away from home with grown-ups.

Negative effects:
1) I miss the kids (and they miss me!)
2) Less time with Dustin.
3) Laundry: It's never done and if it is doesn't get put away. I don't dislike lots of things, but one thing that drives me crazy is living out of laundry baskets.
4) The nutritional balance of our family has taken a bit of a hit. (more premade, more take out or eat out, inconsistent eating schedule.

I didn't realized how much I would miss being home and I don't think I realized how much work I did during the week. So, now being a working outside the home mom, I'm struggling a bit. I don't think I'll take another interim call after this one, for quite awhile.

I'm thinking about making an appointment with my therapist in order to talk it through. I think I need to get some better ways of dealing with the stress and the change. I think it would make my health better and I think that would make my family health better too.

It's actually interesting that I see more negative effects than positive in our family life, and yet...I'm convinced that I was called to serve in this way right now. I am enjoying myself, even if it's a bit complicated when it comes to balance.

I'm home today and the kids are enjoying some time watching TV, while I'm getting my grocery list together. I was going to start confirmation today, but I've lost my voice from allergies and trying to teach confirmation seemed like too much for my voice. So, we'll postpone starting one week and begin with a fun event that was already scheduled.

So, there's the jist of it. I'm so very thankful for the opportunity, but now am very much praying for the patience and ability to start balancing life effectively.
More to come.