Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have been going to post this forever and a day. Since I will most likely be getting a new one on Friday, it seems silly, but here is our baby at approximately 11 weeks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

O what a beautiful morning!

It is absolutely beautiful out today. I want to get the old grainery cleaned out. We are hoping to store the stuff from the attic out there during the attic renovation. A lot of it will most likely be able to stay out there, especially all the stuff that we are "storing" for Dustin's aunt who we doubt will come get it, but it is a nice hope. She claimed a bunch of stuff after Dustin's grandma died, but we don't know when or if she will come a get it.
This morning I am watching Clarissa while her dad is bow hunting. She is engrossed in Dora the Explorer right now. I would try to babysit w/o TV assistance, but I don't have a lot of entertainment for a three year old and she was here at 6:30 a.m. She slept until 7:30 a.m. and then she wanted to get up, so we had breakfast and woke Dustin up, played with the dog, Gus. Eventually, we ran out of stuff to do, so...TV it became.
Tyler came at 9:00 and he and Dustin are finishing the roof shingling. YAY! We are going to stop with the one dormer because we have addition plans too and where we think we will build on would require then destroying the dormer, so we decided t leave it out and finish the room for now without it. It will still look great.
We need to get the rest of the stuff cleaned out of the attic so we can pull out the rest of the wallboard and insulation and get it cleaned up. We decided it would be better to do it before we put the stairwell in because then the dirt would be confined to the attic. (well, more confined than it would be.)
There's the morning. I'm sleepy. I can't wait until I can maybe get some energy back.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's been forever! Wow!

I'm having a bit of a lazy morning at home. I'm doing a couple loads of laundry. cleaning the bathroom (I know, very glamorous), then I'll head to Jamestown to meet Dustin for lunch and then a road trip in the semi-trailer to pick up the new grain trailer in Bismarck. I know all of you are jealous.
Yesterday was my first Sunday sitting in a pew. It was good and not that strange. I think I may be able to get use to this.
I have to preach in a couple weeks for confirmation at my old church, but that shouldn't be too bad either.
It rained all weekend and today it is overcast, but we are supposed to be done with rain. It is making everyone nervous about getting beans done. We'll have a couple days to work on our roof, but it is would be better to be out in the field.
Tyler will be out tomorrow for three days to help, so that will be good as well.
Busy, busy, but going great.
Baby is doing well. I have another appointment in a couple weeks, so we'll find out more than, although, other than eating right, I don't really have any control of this process.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week One!

So, I had my first Sunday of not being in a pulpit. It went well. I slept in and didn't even think about going to church, just to see how it felt. I think I would have felt a little sad if I had gone to church somewhere.
In the afternoon, I had to go to a gospel jamboree for a group Dustin plays piano for, so I had music in the afternoon and it was great.
The week has been a bit crazy.
I met my new OB. He is great. The only one within 50 miles. Otherwise it is family physicians that handle deliveries. I would have been fine with my old doctor, but her hospital is not handling labor and delivery after Jan 1. So, I had to regroup and find someone new. After I talked to everyone I knew and some I didn't know so well, I came up with trying Dr. Z (as he will be referred). I have never had a male doctor, at least since I was little. But he is great. I feel very comfortable with him and he makes it very easy to ask questions and get a hold of him 24 hours a day. I feel really good about my decision.
Another bonus! He has his own ultrasound, so I don't have to make an appointment for one. He just brings you in and does it. So....I will get tons of fun ultrasound pictures, not just one or maybe two that insurance hates to pay for.
So, now I have fun ultrasound pictures.
The baby is crazy active. Which he says is a good sign and all looks healthy.
Also, we have a new due date. April 17. That isn't firm yet. It will be at our next appointment.
Also accomplished in week one.
We bought a new semi and grain trailer for bean and corn harvest. It rocks. (I am hoping not to have to learn to drive it, but we'll see)
We still have no roof and I had to do some creative waterproofing when it rained yesterday. Hopefully today or tomorrow we'll get the flashing up.
And...today I have to can tomatoes. Yum. They are so good in the winter.
I will post a picture of the ultrasound (although right now it looks like a kidney bean). After I get my scanner working again. It is being dumb.
Here's week one.
I'm outta here.