Monday, April 4, 2011

Bunching of the Babies!

For some reason, I have had a few random conversations with strangers and a few acquaintances about why I have my children soooo close together. I get told a lot, "It must be so exhausting." And if you have read my last blog posts and facebook posts, you would have a good idea that exhaustion sometimes comes into play.  Others will say, "it must be wonderful to have them so close together, they'll play together."  Yes, that is a possibility too.
Either way, I have children that are less than two years apart, about 16 months to be exact. And as my little boy is going to be 2 in less than a week now, I have been in amazement at watching them grow up.  Especially now that they are starting to interact more and want to make the other one laugh and they are even starting to watch out for one another. If Ella starts to cry, Ian will come get me in the other room if I don't get there right away and say, "Ella crying." and then run to her and make sure that I am right behind him. There are also the new moments of jealousy, when Ella is getting her bottle and Ian wants a story. Or if Ian is being cuddled and Ella in her jumper starts to fuss in a way that definitely says, "you should be holding me."
But, to answer the question. Why do I have two so close. I'm getting older! That's the short answer. I'm 35 and by 40 I plan to be done and we thought we'd want more than two. I don't regret it, but I also think I need a break before we do this again, if we do it again. I always thought I wanted four, but I love us as a foursome right now, so that's where we'll be for awhile.
I love my bunch. They will be the best of friends and the worst of enemies. They will compete and support. I love them. It doesn't get any better for us than this. I know we are biased, but we should be, we feel like we have the smartest, most wonderful, most beautiful kids in the world. Every parent should feel that way.