Saturday, March 29, 2008

A couple days off and a good week.

I know I have been missing my friends, but it was the week after Easter and I deserve to be lazy and not do anything that involves thought, energy or talent. For the most part, I accomplished that this week.
I had a parishioner have a stroke the night before Easter, so Monday was not spent in the usual sleep until I wake up the day after Easter. I went to Fargo to visit and I'm glad I did. My mom and dad went to the mall while I went to the hospital. We had lunch, did a little shopping, and then we enjoyed the day. Just what I needed anyway.
I took off Tues and Wed I had a full Thurs with a funeral to attend in the a.m. and a high school career fair in the afternoon. I moderated one of the sessions. (Translation-had them fill in the attendance sheet and take the presenter to the room). That was fine and dandy. Thurs. night was class. The rest of the week has been equally filled and fulfilling. Today I went to the Men's Pancake breakfast at my country church, went to a luncheon in Jamestown, walked through the home and garden show at the civic center, got groceries, came home and took a nap as well as watched informative show about meth addiction, and then went to a neighbors for supper. We just got home and Dustin is bizarrely manic and it cleaning the house like a mad man and he doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that I have been sitting at my computer since he started. I guess I put laundry away after this so I can say, "I helped."
Sometimes I think my husband is insane, some days I'm sure of it. tonight, just mildly crazy, but it seems to be getting the house cleaned. I truly would like to go to bed. Even though I had a ridiculously long nap this afternoon.
Peace and goodnight

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter is over :(

It was a great Easter Sunday. Easter is my favorite day in the church year, has been since forever. Lots of alleluias today...Go figure. My sermon, which I did with some notes, but left the pulpit and walked in the aisle went absolutely great. Sometimes you are pretty sure the sermon went well, today was one of those days.
It felt good to feel inspired to preach again. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes preaching just is hard. I can put together a fair sermon, I can deliver it fine. People can even get something out of it, but sometimes delivering it can be very labored. People don't always realize, but it takes a lot of energy to deliver a sermon. It's one direction, you talk...hopefully you have an engaged community and you feel something coming back, but sometimes you don't. Either way, it's a lot of energy. I often feel spiritually drained as well. I'm an introvert as well, so it is a lot of external processing time. In spite of all that, preaching is one of my favorite parts of being a pastor. But I've been in a preaching rut lately, just feeling blah, and like I don't have enough time and like I'm not doing my best and so I'm left tired, but lacking some invigoration. Today, I felt like my normal preaching self and that was a gift, I hope it stays. I pray it does

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Dustin is getting ready for church. He must hurry up.
Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The calm before the storm

I have some sermon to finish, but I'm not worried. I am currently meeting with a couple for premarital counseling. They are cute. They are filling out their marriage inventory. I enjoy using the inventory because it helps me better to direct our meetings. I like that. I've tried some other things, but this still is my favorite.
Like I said, I still have to finish my Easter Sunday Sermon, but I'm not worried. I'm going home after this and will have a little time later. I am working on painting and getting the house ready for my mom and dad to come tomorrow.
We painted some walls in our entry red with white trim, it looks like barn, it is soooooo cool. It was Dustin's idea and it's fun. I won him over to color on walls. Hehehe...
I painted trim in the bathroom this morning. I'm hoping Dustin will get my drawers and cabinet doors done in the bathroom so i can get it cleaned up in there. Our house is slowly, but surely coming together. thank Goodness. It has taken a long time.
Well, since I've been writing, the head usher has come in to look at the service and get directions, the couple has finished up and I've sent them on their way. Now, the church that was bustling has gotten really quiet. I like quite.
Happy Easter everyone.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Snow! It snowed last night! It looks more like Christmas outside than Holy Week. I decided to stay home for awhile before I went to work because it would get to be such a long night. I have to run and get some candles for tonight's service than I'll go to town church and pick up stuff and take supplies to country church. We have service tonight at country church.
Go over the service and it should go from there
I like Good Friday because my dad liked it so much. I think I like it for different reasons. I don't know his reasons exactly, he's not one to answer those questions, even if I asked, but I can guess. I like Good Friday because it is such a stark contrast with Easter. It's dark, death, cold. I think of the tomb, damp earth when I do burials. (Yes I know Jesus was not buried in a coffin in black sod) But death is's not on Easter morning. There is nothing crazier than that and to know that it for love of the whole world. I wish everyone who came on Easter Sunday came on Good Friday. I think it is then that you really get it. I love it when people get it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday

It's Maundy Thursday everyone! I have exciting news that is only exciting for people who work in church. I have my bulletin for tonight run off and ready. I have Good Friday's bulletin run off and ready to go. I have my hymns for Easter picked and just need to put the Easter bulletin together.
I realize that a lot of churches have had these things put together weeks ago with large productions, but in my little church it is mostly my job and people kind of like the traditional Easter service, but it is still fun.
I am going to get going soon, I just needed to spend some time relaxing and getting ready for the day. I have to do some nursing home visits today too. I have one visit I want to do this a.m. and I will do two more visits tomorrow. I need to get a new communion kit, I'll be kind of bringing stuff around in a rag tag way. My communion kit was in the car when it started on fire, so it is destroyed. I haven't had a chance to order a new one yet. I'll get there.
Well, better be off.
Have a day of blessings.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Wednesday of Holy Week, it is kind of like the calm before the storm. I always wish it would just stay on Wednesday, I have this day that I can get stuff done and it feels unpressured because Sunday is still a ways off, even though I will have two worship serviced before Sunday.
I get to make communion bread with my two first communion students, they are two 5th grade boys and they are a riot. Fun times.
I love making communion bread with the kids, they have so much fun and they are so proud that we feed it to the entire church. It's the recipe from the Luther Seminary Communion Bread Recipe. It brings back good memories for me. I didn't like all of seminary, but communion on Wednesdays during chapel will always be good, even then things around me seemed awful. I should write more about seminary some day. I liked lots of it, but some things and and attitudes were downright horrible and I'm glad I got out when I did.
I made sloppy joes for class last night and they turned out wonderful. (I know you are thinking, "They were sloppy joes, how can you screw them up?) I had never made them using a crock pot before, so I didn't know about times and stuff. I have to say, I liked them better because the flavors really got slow cooked together. The green peppers really had time to work through. We are having the leftovers for dinner, Dustin is not thrilled. He doesn't really like sloppy joes, so he has been trying to talk me into pasta all morning. Umm, why? when I've got a completely acceptable meal in the fridge, ready to be warmed up. I have held my ground, much to Dustin's dismay, he's use to getting his way for dinner, so I'm feeling rather proud for saying, no you will eat what I fix.
I better get the communion class stuff together before dinner.
Have a good day every.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sloppy Joes! A new T-Shirt! Class and Holy Week!

I have quite a lot on my plate right now.
I have sloppy joes in the crock pot for class tonight. I organized someone else to bring buns, another chips, sweets. Class should be wonderful. Or at least start with a good meal.
I have tons to get together for Thursday and Friday. I have class tonight, so it will be late. I have first communion class tomorrow, so I have to get my bread recipe and stuff together. The kids make their own first communion bread, it's a lot of fun and something they remember.
I got my new T-shirt in the mail from moe (Thanks girl!) I love it.
I have to pick hymns and set up worship yet tonight as well.
Well better be off.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Me! I got home a couple minutes ago and I passed my practical exam. I have a couple classes left and the national boards and I'm official.
I did my medical assessment station first and it was the one I was most worried about, so I'm glad that I did it and got it out of the way. I know I rocked my trauma assessment and I did fine on skills.
All four of us in my class passed, so we went out for a big steak dinner after with our instructor, the education director and Dustin, who drove me and my classmates this morning. We had fun. We all did it.
I am so excited and a bit proud of myself. YAY ME!

Friday, March 14, 2008

And the winner is....

Dustin! My incredibly smart, handsome, caring, kind, considerate (I know I added a lot of adjectives, but what is he reads this) husband passed his test!
Dustin is a kick ass Paramedic! I am so excited I could just burst. We found out yesterday afternoon that he passed, I would have written sooner, but well, I didn't have internet for the rest of the day.
After that you would think we would go out and celebrate, but I had my final testing run through for my EMT-Basic exam. I take the practical exam tomorrow. I'm so nervous. I think I can do it. My instructor thinks I have it down. So, we'll see how it goes. It's still nerve racking.
I have always wanted to get my EMT. Just so I knew how to do something if someone needed help. I know I can't do everything, but I can now do something. I'm excited that I am getting close to the end of the road.
I still have a couple weeks of class, an exam for class and the national registry exam, but I feel like the end is near.
That of course is if holy week doesn't kill me!
I have Palm Sunday's service ready. Great!
I have a few announcements to put together.
No Sermon
I have absolutely no idea what I will be doing for Maundy Thursday or Good Friday. I was hoping to have that together by tonight, but I haven't started and I won't be starting that now. I have to get ready for my test.
I have to clean my house.
I have to write a sermon for Sunday.
So, There's the list and I 'll get it done, somehow.
I better get to work. It's 6:00 and I'm nowhere close to finished.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dustin just got out of his test!

Dustin just walked out of the Medic test. I hope he did it! Whoohoo!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MIA again!

Hi all,
I'm stressing out. I have my last midweek worship tonight. Well, last Wednesday and then it is holy week, which means I start feeling not so holy and more crabby.
There is so much going on. Dustin is taking his final paramedic exam tomorrow. I'm so nervous and excited for him.
I am taking my practical EMT exam for my basic certification on Saturday. I am so not ready. I need to work on trauma assessments, but it's the week before holy week, how much time do you think I really have to spend on this. I'm totally freaking out, but I will make it. I would appreciate prayers, if you are not a prayer, please cast your good thoughts into the universe for me.
So, I ruined my pastoral image with some of Dustin's co-workers. Okay, the new coworker, I ruined my pastoral reputation with the rest of them long ago. Question: Is it really offensive if a pastor swears? I would like opinions. I don't take God's name in vain. I do say s--t or d--n from time to time. I don't use those words in front of parishioners, I don't just let 'em drop in most circles. Just, you know, when the word comes out. Like it does for others.
Now, I did not offend the co-worker, I think he was more at ease that he didn't have to be all nervous about the pastor being around, but there is my question. When is it okay to be yourself. I don't really struggle with this question, but since it has hit me today, I need to ask.
I also have realized that for a lot of dustin's coworkers, I am the only person that they can ask "god" questions to. I get them all the time. What do you think of this? What is church supposed to be like? I think this is kind of cool.
Anyway. I must go deal with the people that really do go to church now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Night! What's a pastor to do?

Like I need to think about this. It is Lent people. This means lots of extra church or at least getting ready for extra church. I am traveling for round robin tonight to the great city of Grand Rapids. (when I say city I mean little town of about 50) I like preaching there, I know some of the people, which makes it easier and it's nice to go. I with colleagues do this round robin and it is so nice to have to only write one sermon and give it in 5-6 places.
Right now I am mostly stressed out about Palm Sunday and Holy Week. I think I have the Palm Sunday service covered, but now I just need to get Maundy Thursday and Good Friday decided. Maundy Thursday is First communion. I am on a break right now from confirmation class and teaching first communion classes, which is always quite fun. This year I have two 5th grade boys and they are very amusing and have lots of questions, that makes the time go fast.
I don't like it when Easter is this early. I like it in April when it is actually nice out. I like it when it feels like spring. I like it when I'm very much over the Christmas hangover. (Did I mention I still have some winter/Christmas decorations up because I haven't had time to change them. If I took them down and left nothing it would be horrible, so until I have something new, I have to leave up the poinsettia garland.
I have exciting news as well--Two exciting things.
1) I got a new washer and dryer on Sunday and I absolutely love them. Front load he5's from Kenmore. The are also red! Which of course makes me very happy. I love how much water we are going to save! I love how much time they save! I love how quiet they are!
2) Dustin has finished his patient contacts and is going to be approved to take his written EMT-Paramedic exam. It actually is on the computer, so no actually written on paper anymore. It might be possible that we are going to get a normal life back by April. (or at least as close to normal as we have been ever able to manage).
So, I have church tonight! 7:30. It's 6:00 and it only takes about 15 minutes to get to the other town. What do I do? HMMM.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday and I'm so not ready for Sunday

Being sick this week has really made getting ready for Sunday difficult. I didn't really start feeling human again until Thursday and I had a meeting that day. It was the monthly conference ministers get together. It's really the best thing I do every month, it's so fun to get together. It was in the same town as my sister-in-law lives in, so I stopped at the grain elevator (that's where she works) and visited for awhile. I got home around 3:00 and had to be in Jamestown at 5:00, so I was home long enough to look over some stuff for class and get ready to go. Yesterday I started the day slow, not feeling quite human again, but by noon I was back in the game. I've been so sick that I haven't dared to do any visits. Last night I was feeling really good, so I took advantage of going out for dinner and bowling with Dustin, so that was fun.
I was going to go to the church to work, but Dustin is in town at the health fair and there is laundry to be done, so I decided to stay home and do laundry and try to get some stuff ready for church.
I also get to go to town shopping today. I am getting a new washer and dryer. YAY! One of the rental properties in town has a washer out and our nephew just got a house and needs a dryer, so I have agreed to sacrifice mine in exchange for a new set. I know you all are impressed with how selfless I am. It also is the perfect time to buy because Sears has their last of 2007 stuff up for sale.
Well, I better get that Sunday stuff done. Later

Found my husband. Sorry I didn't update

My husband arrived home that night. His cell phone was dead and he assumed I knew that he was going to be late. Now, I really was trying to stay mad at him, but he came home with flowers. (For no other reason than he thought I would like them.
Tonight we went out on a date. Dinner, Bowling, and a trip to Wal-Mart. It was a fun time. We also bought 6 goldfish. Because we don't have enough pets.
Good night all