Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring and Plateaus

Dustin's started seeding soybeans. Corn is done, except for a little silage corn (35 acres) left, but the planter had a breakdown and parts aren't in until today. Silage corn won't be a big deal. So, life is beans, beans and more beans.
It's very different not being out in the field as much as I use to be. It's not a bad different, just strange. I also have found that I can stay busy even without doing field work. There's plenty that I need to do in order to keep things moving.  Bookwork, field lunches, and the normal stuff. Laundry, kids, house...And now gardening. I am excited that I am enjoying gardening. It has always been something that I need to do after I have a long day in the field and the truth is that I've just wanted to go to bed by then...When I have the time to be out there and keep up with it, it's quite relaxing for me. I'm having fun showing Ian the things that are coming up. I've also yelled more than usual because he tends to walks on the plants, but hey, mother of the year I am not. It's getting better and the older the kids get, the better. Ella prefers to just find a spot with a shovel and dig, so that works too.

I've hit a weightloss plateau, which sucks. So, I'm hoping to start getting up at 5:30, then I could walk and get home and showered and dressed before the kids get up and if they did get up, Dustin would be around.  I am hoping that helps. I've been stuck at the same weight or losing and gaining the same half pound for about 6 weeks. So, with gardening and walking, it should go better.

So, there's the news...Beans...we live, eat and sleep beans.


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